Utility Billing Changes

The City of Bondurant values its senior citizens. Many of Bondurant’s seasoned residents helped make Bondurant the wonderful community it is today.

Based on state law section 388.6 we are forced to go down a path we would rather not travel, but need to take action to address the senior utility discount currently in place. According to a news release from the State Auditor’s Office, “Providing discount utility service to certain customers based on age is considered a discrimin...atory rate and does not comply with requirements established by section 388.6 of the Code of Iowa.” In addition, we have been provided legal advice from our city attorney to take action. We fully support keeping this program in place, but face the risk of penalties or litigation.

A program we will continue to offer is free snow removal for front yard sidewalks for senior and disabled residents. As one of the few in the metro area who offer this assistance, we are proud to provide this service to residents who would otherwise have difficulty keeping their sidewalks cleared.

The City of Bondurant is grateful for the contributions senior residents have made in the past and continue to make today. The City will continue to do what it can within the law to continue services which makes life easier for its older residents.

The City of Bondurant currently allows a senior discount for the water availability fee ($3.57) and a senior discount for the 48 gallon garbage toter ($7.67).  Our annual audit occurred this month, and a suggestion was made to remove the senior discounts due to the discrimination of those that are not seniors.  The City Attorney agreed.  The City Council will amend the water and garbage ordinances at the September 6 Council meeting, removing senior rates.  All water availability fees will be set at $6.10 and all 48 gallon garbage toter charges will be $7.72.

Please reference media impacts of these changes: http://www.kcci.com/news/citys-utility-discounts-for-seniors-not-allowed-auditor-say/41033462

Iowa Code 388.6  A city utility or a combined utility system may not provide use or
      service at a discriminatory rate, except to the city or its agencies,
      as provided in section 384.91.