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Utility Bill Date Changes

By: Misty Richardson-Kugler, Utility Billing Clerk
Date Published: Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Utility Bill Change Coming!

For the last several years The City of Bondurant has billed approximately six to eight weeks in arrears for utilities (water, sewer and storm). As part of our conversion to a new utilities software program, we need to change this process to shorten the amount of time between when utilities are read and the bill is generated.

What does not change about the utility billing process?

Convenience of payment options...

You can continue to pay automatically through ACH withdrawal, online, via drop box at City Hall, or in person at City Hall.

When your bill is due….

Your bill is still due the 15th of each month/

When the penalty for late payment is…..

A late payment penalty is still assessed on the 16th of each month.

When the non-payment fee is applied…

A non-payment fee is still applied for payments received after 8:30 a.m. on the 23rd of each month.

Disconnect date

Disconnect is still the 23rd of each month.

Please note that any payment/penalty date that falls on a weekend or holiday moves to the next business day

What affects you?

There will be two billing cycles that will cover a six week period. The only change you will see will be the bills due August 15th and October 15th. You will see slightly higher consumption due to a  longer read cycle (six weeks’ worth of consumption during the billing period) instead of the regular four or five week consumption cycle. (The bill due on September 15th would be for a regular five-week consumption cycle.)

Once the new software is completely installed, there will be a customer-facing portal to enable customers to check balances, monitor consumption, or start/change services.

How does a shorter timeframe between consumption and billing benefit you?

  • Consumption irregularities are likely to be caught earlier (high, low, or no consumption); and
  • When you move or transfer accounts, you will receive your deposit more quickly; and
  • With the shorter timeframe between consumption and billing, it reduces the risk of accumulating larger, harder-to-manage balances and will reduce late and non-payments, lowering the cost for all customers.

Do I need to do anything related to this change?

The City just wanted you to be aware of the billing cycle changes and that you may notice a slightly higher consumption on the August and October bills and wanted you to know in advance the reason why. You do not need to take any action. That said, while we are talking about utility accounts, we would appreciate it if you could make sure the telephone numbers we have on file for your accounts are up to date, should we need to reach you quickly to make you aware of things like water main breaks, outages, boil orders, etc. 

Here is a chart detailing the upcoming billing cycles:

Consumption Period

Read Date

Bill Date

Bill Due Date

May 1st – June 1st

June 1st

June 28th

July 15th

June 1st – July 15th (6 weeks)

July 15th

July 31st (Thursday)

August 15th (Thursday)

July 15th – August 15th (5 weeks)

August 15th (Thursday)

August 30th (Friday)

September 15th (Monday)

August 15th – September 25th ( 6 weeks)

September 25th (Friday)

September 30th (Monday)

October 15th (Tuesday)

September 25th – October 25th

October 25th

October 31st (Thursday)

November 15th (Friday)

October 25th – November 25th

November 25th

November 27th (Wednesday)

December 15th (Dec. 15th is a Sunday – so bills are due the following business day.)

What can I do if I have more questions?

See the City’s website or social media postings. Also, please feel free to call City Hall at 967.2418.