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Under Construction

By: City of Bondurant
Date Published: Monday, April 16, 2018

2018 #BigThingsSmallTown

Construction Underway in Bondurant

Throughout the summer, you will see a lot of construction going on around Bondurant.

  • You may have noticed a project going on off of Grant Street with the drainage way that backs up to many houses in town. This is the District 30 Tile Replacement. District 30 is a drainage district and there are many sections where the tiles in the district have failed. Tiles will be replaced from Grant Street to the south side of 2nd Street SE. Also as part of this project, some of the drainage ditches on Grant Street will be filled in and pipe and intakes will be installed.
  • Plans to rehabilitate sections of Lincoln Street are underway.
  • Included in the capital plan is also the replacement of the 2nd Street culvert.
  • These projects are in addition to the patchwork that is completed as part of annual street maintenance.
  • Additionally, weather permitting, Public Works will be doing some grading work and adding gravel to the parking lots and Junior Haines Parkway at the Bondurant Recreation Sports Complex.
  • You may notice bat boxes being installed at our local parks. Bondurant resident Isaac McIntosh has graciously built and donated eight boxes for his Eagle Scout project. The City is hoping the bat boxes will help cut down on mosquitos this summer and make visiting neighborhood parks a more enjoyable experience. A big thanks to Isaac for all of his hard work!
  • You may have noticed some large earthmoving equipment along Hubbell Avenue, just north of the Metro Waste Facility. The earthwork is moving forward in preparation of the construction of a large industrial project. Work is underway to build an approximate 60,000 square foot industrial facility that would produce and store large, pre-cast concrete structures used in construction projects. The building will be a metal building, approximately 45 feet tall, with windows in the top for natural light and architectural interest. The landscaping plan calls for berming and trees on the eastern and southern side of the property. The site stormwater management includes a retention pond on the northeastern area of the property. The total site is 28.934 acres. In the future, the developer plans to add a complimentary business in the area. The business will have approximately 25 regular employees and 25 seasonal employees.
  • In preparation for the new industrial park, there is water line, sanitary sewer lines, and gas lines being installed. You may notice additional earthmoving due to this task.
  • The City Council purchased a piece of property that is adjacent to (on the west side of) the Bondurant Recreational Sports Complex and north of Lake Petocka. The land was identified in the city’s comprehensive plan and in the Park, Trail and Greenway Master Plan as additional recreational land. City staff has met with representatives from the Bondurant Little League, the Bondurant Soccer Club, and the Bondurant School District to discuss how to layout the approximate 24 acres in a way that maximizes recreational space and addresses some of the growing demand for sports fields. Following is the layout for the Sports Complex that was adopted by Council at the September 5th Council meeting. The soccer fields will be the fields first in use as the City currently has the resources for grading and seeding, but not full ball field development.
  • 113 Main St SE is going to be demolished and replaced with additional downtown parking
  • Pleasant Grove & Efnor Estates neighborhood parks are going to be installed this year
  • Additional new residential growth is also projected this year at Wolf Creek, Quail Run, and Blue Jay Landing.

If you have questions about these projects, please do not hesitate to contact City Hall at 967-2418. Thank you.