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Teal Pumpkin Project

By: City of Bondurant
Date Published: Monday, September 2, 2019

City of Bondurant, let’s raise awareness for children will allergies! Consider offering non-candy items this Halloween Beggars Night! Click here to add your name and address to the list.

To those families that have a child with a food allergy please use this valuable resource made possible by the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE).

About the Teal Pumpkin Project 

The Teal Pumpkin Project is a movement to raise awareness of food allergies and to create a safer, more inclusive Halloween for all trick-or-treaters. Putting a teal pumpkin on your doorstep will let trick-or-treaters know that your house is food allergy-friendly. This can mean that you offer non-food treats or trinkets, such as glow sticks or small toys, and/or that you have allergy-friendly candy which is free of the top 9 allergens (including sesame). This simple act allows kids to enjoy the same allergy-friendly trinkets or treats whether they have food allergies or not. Teal is the new orange, and we hope you will join us in painting Halloween teal. Getting started is easy:

  1. Provide non-food treats and/or allergy-friendly candy (free of the top 9 allergens, including sesame) for trick-or-treaters
  2. Place a teal pumpkin in front of your home to alert trick-or-treaters that you have a food-allergy friendly home
  3. Add your home to the Teal Pumpkin Project map
  4. Spread the word! Share the Teal Pumpkin Project with your friends and family