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By: City of Bondurant
Date Published: Friday, October 12, 2018

Controlling snow and ice is a difficult and time-consuming operation. We need your help so we can clear the streets more quickly and completely.

Please do not park cars on the street during any amount of snow fall; this will help crews do a better job at plowing. We ask that residents park their vehicles off the street during snow removal operations. City ordinance prohibits the parking of vehicles on public streets when the snow ordinance is in effect (click here for the Snow Ordiance). Parking on public streets will result in ticketing and towing. Fewer cars on streets will quicken plowing.

The equipment that is used to clear snow from streets may leave a ridge of snow across your driveway. It is the responsibility of the property owner to remove the ridge left by snow plowing equipment. When shoveling out the mouth of your driveway, throw the snow to the right or left, but not in the street. Putting the snow back into the street creates more work and a safety risk.

To help ensure that sidewalks are safe during the winter, City Ordinance required residents to remove snow and ice from sidewalks with 24 hours following the end of the snowfall. Property owners who do not comply are subject to a municipal citation. A helpful hint for residents – clear your sidewalk after the snowplows have finished plowing to the curb. When you remove snow from your sidewalk, please remember that City Ordinance prohibits placing that snow in the street. City Code Section 135.12 prohibits the unnatural deposit of snow from driveways and parking lots onto City right-of-way is also prohibited.

Equipment operators often work 12 or move hours in a shift and appreciate courteous and friendly drivers and pedestrians. Please remember to maintain a safe following distance of 75 feet from all snow removal equipment.

From all of us here at City Hall, please have a safe winter!