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Sign Vandalism

By: Shelby Hagan, City Clerk
Date Published: Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Recently, the City of Bondurant has been experiencing a rash of street sign vandalism throughout the town. Individuals have been removing signs and posts from the right-of-ways and parks. To some, this may seem like a harmless prank with little to no repercussions. Looking beyond the immediate inconvenience of those unfamiliar to Bondurant, you have to be mindful of the ramifications of this act when considering public safety.

Police and Fire Departments who, when called, utilize these street signs to respond to those in need. Putting aside the initial cost of replacing these signs and posts, it can cost into the thousands of dollars when you factor in the sign, post, time and labor it takes to install the growing number of vandalized signs.

We want to remind vandals that these actions are defined as a Criminal Mischief Misdemeanor according to Iowa Code 716.6, and the City will prosecute all guilty parties. If you have any information regarding the recent vandalism, please contact City Hall at (515) 967-2418 or at info@cityofbondurant.com.