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Seeking Backup Crossing Guard

By: City of Bondurant
Date Published: Friday, June 30, 2017

School crossing guards can be a beloved part or your child's school. You see them every morning and, most of the time, rain or shine, they greet your child with a big smile. Most importantly, they help keep your child safe.

The City of Bondurant is seeking a PM crossing guard.

School crossing guards play an important role in the lives of children who walk or bicycle to school by helping them safely cross the street at key locations. A crossing guard also helps children develop the skills to cross streets safely at all times and reminds drivers of the presence of pedestrians.

Serving as a crossing guard for the City of Bondurant can be very rewarding as this position is invaluable to Bondurant youth and the community as a whole.

Crossing guard positions are paid positions with a part-time and temporary schedule. Crossing guards can expect to work one hour per school day.

Interested individuals can apply online at,  http://www.cityofbondurant.com/how-to/apply-for/employment.aspx or call (515) 967-2418. Each applicant must pass a background check to be hired for this position and the applicant cannot have a felony record.