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Potential Relocation of the Bondurant Post Office

By: City of Bondurant
Date Published: Thursday, December 20, 2018

Wednesday, December 19, 2018, a meeting was held to openly discuss the relocation of the Bondurant, IA Post Office. Below is the information that was shared with the attendees:

What is this meeting about? The United States Postal Service is considering relocating the retail services currently provided at the above referenced Post Office to a yet-to-be-determined location as close as reasonably possible to the existing location.

Why does the Postal Service need to consider relocating the Post Office? The Postal Service is considering relocation because of a loss of leasehold. Despite significant cost reductions, the Postal Service continues to experience a net loss as mail volume continues to decline because of increased electronic communication. As a self-supporting government establishment that receives no tax dollars for its operating expenses, the Postal Service must rely on the sale of postage, products, and services to generate revenue. In the face of unsustainable deficits, the Postal Service must seek ways to cut costs, increase revenue and use its physical facilities as efficiently as possible.

What is the new location for the Post Office? The Postal Service has not made a final decision on the location at this time.

What is the relocation project? The “relocation project” will consist of procuring a suitable substitute location, preparing it for use as a post office and then transitioning the retail services to the new location. The Postal Service will continue retail services at the Bondurant Main Office until the new post office is up and running. In undertaking this project, the Postal Service will complete a process set out in its regulation (39 CFR 241.4) for soliciting and considering input from the community and local officials.

What will be discussed at this meeting?  The Postal Service will:

  • identify the need for relocation,
  • discuss the reasons for relocating
  • identify the tentative decision to relocate retail services,
  • identify the site or area, or both, to which the Postal Service anticipates relocating the retail services
  • describe the anticipated size of the retail service facility for the relocated retail services, and the anticipated services to be offered at the new location
  • outline the proposal to meet the need,
  • invite questions, and
  • solicit written input on the proposal. 

How do I provide input? All input from the community and officials should be sent to this address:

United States Postal Service

Attn: Robb Groetzinger – Bondurant

200 E Kentucky Ave

Denver, CO 80239

What is the deadline for giving input? The Postal Service will consider all written comments received at the above address within 30 days following this public meeting.

What happens next? After the 30-day period, the Postal Service will consider the comments and appeals received that identify reasons why the Postal Service’s tentative decision and the proposal is, or is not, the optimal solution for the identified need. Following that consideration, the Postal Service will make a final decision to proceed with, modify, or cancel the proposal. The Postal Service then will inform local officials in writing of its final decision, send an initial news release announcing the final decision to local news media and post a copy of the information in the public lobby of the Post Office. The Postal Service then will implement the final decision.

What happens if the Postal Service decides to go to a different location? If the Postal Service decides to use a site or area that it did not identify at the public meeting, then our regulation generally requires the Postal Service to return to the public meeting stage of the process to make a new presentation regarding the new site or area.