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By: City of Bondurant
Date Published: Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Door-to-door sales have been a business strategy for many years and it still is. When it warms up this spring, people will be knocking on doors and handing out booklets, providing services or selling goods just like their predecessors did in the 1950s, during the heyday of door-to-door selling.  Door-to-door selling has a long history in the U.S., probably dating to the country's early days when peddlers carried their wares in tin carriers or piled in a wagon. It is not as common, but it still happens today. Below you can read information about the City Code and inform yourself on best practices.

City Code Chapter 122

The purpose of this ordinance is to protect residents of the City against fraud, unfair competition and intrusion into the privacy of their homes by licensing and regulating peddlers, solicitors and transient merchants (door-to-door visitors).

Licenses issued by the city are in force and effective only between the hours of eight o' clock a.m. and eight p.m.

Licensing is required, so ask them to show a city issued badge. If they do not have a badge and after they exit the premises contact Polk County Sherriff’s office at 515-286-3333.