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By: Nicole Van Houten
Date Published: Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Dripping faucets and whistling or hissing toilets waste water, even when no one is using them! Toilets often have “silent” leaks too. Here’s a handy way to tell:

Carefully take off the top of the toilet tank....
Put 12 drops of red food coloring into the tank.
Wait 15 minutes. If any red dye appears in the toilet bowl, water is leaking from the tank.

The Average American Family of 4 uses 255 gallons of water a day inside the home!

But only a tiny amount (less than 13 gallons) is used for cooking and drinking. Here are some other ways that families use water. The amount used depends on how long the water is turned on, and whether the family uses water-saving appliances, shower heads, toilet tanks and faucets.

SHOWER: 5-10 gallons a minute
BATHROOM SINK: 5-10 gallons a minute
TOILET: 3-7 gallons a flush
DISHWASHER: 5-25 gallons a load
KITCHEN SINK: 4-5 gallons a minute
WASHING MACHINE: 35 gallons a load