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Industrial Project Underway in Bondurant

By: City of Bondurant
Date Published: Wednesday, December 20, 2017

You may have noticed some large earthmoving equipment along Hubbell Avenue, just north of the Metro Waste Facility. The earthwork is moving forward in preparation of the construction of a large industrial project. Work is underway to build an approximate 60,000 square foot industrial facility that would produce and store large, pre-cast concrete structures used in construction projects. The building will be a metal building, approximately 45 feet tall, with windows in the top for natural light and architectural interest.

The landscaping plan calls for berming and trees on the eastern and southern side of the property. The site stormwater management includes a retention pond on the northeastern area of the property. The total site is 28.934 acres. In the future, the developer plans to add a complimentary business in the area. The business will have approximately 25 regular employees and 25 seasonal employees.

The Mayor and Council has a goal of diversifying the City’s tax base and this project will help address that. The site plan for the project was approved at the September 18th, 2017 City Council meeting.